cf011 紅心皇后納豆激酶 (膠囊) 成分:紅麵、納豆發酵物、紅景天、銀杏果、山楂萃取、麥芽糊精、 輔酵素Q10. $590

cf011 紅心皇后納豆激酶 (膠囊) 成分:紅麵、納豆發酵物、紅景天、銀杏果、山楂萃取、麥芽糊精、 輔酵素Q10. $590

Brand 品牌: Quality health food series (Dr. Yang Yongrong楊永榮博士)
Product Code貨品號: cf011
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Price價目: HK$590.00

Red Heart Queen Nattokinase Capsule

成分:紅麵、納豆發酵物、紅景天、銀杏果、山楂萃取、麥芽糊精、 輔酵素Q10.


使用方式:每次1~2顆 1日1~2次

Ingredient: Anka, Natto ferment, Rhodiola, Ginkgo biloba, Hawthorn extract,Maltodextrin, Coenzyme Q10.
Efficacy: Clear triglyceride, lower high cholesterol, lose weight and clear fat, prevent blood acid stroke, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, soothe cervical acid tightness,numbness ofhands and feet, reduce cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction,dementia for the elderly.

Instructions: 1-2 capsules each time, 1-2 times a day.

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